Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Simon Says "Mommy and Me"

Mommy has been able to spend everyday of these last 84 days with me. We have had so much fun learning together and have gotten to know each other's faces and voices, we play and make each other smile and laugh everyday. There is no one like my Mommy. Tomorrow I will be spending time with MiMi while Mommy heads back to work. Daddy and I are so proud of her ... she's a smart, hard-working Mommy and has a very important reason to help others by sharing her talents. I don't understand all that she does, but I know she works out problems with numbers. That will come in handy in a few years when I start learning arithmetic. I know that Mommy will be a little sad tomorrow, so please join MiMi and me and say a little prayer for her that the day will go quickly and we will be back together sharing a fun evening with Daddy ... smiling and laughing together again!


  1. The greatest gift a woman can give to a child is seeing how much can be accomplished through right thinking. To show that a real woman manages various aspects of life almost simultaneously. Teaches that the best way this is successfully accomplished is with love, support, and coming home each day to see your face, Little Man. You will learn that to be present to each other depends, not on length of time spent in each other's day, but in the amount of love that is shared in that day. Good luck Kim, I will be thinking of you and being very proud of you.

  2. Simon, I don't understand what your mother does either.

  3. Although my prayers are always with you,tomorrow's will be extra special! One of Oma's most heartwrenching memories is dropping your daddy off at a day care center on his first day. You know PopPop was with your daddy and Aunt Julia every day until your dad was almost three and Aunt Julia was almost five. Daddy cried, begged and pleaded "don't leave me!" for weeks and weeks when I dropped him off. Transitions are hard (harder for some than others), but we make it through with lots of love & prayers.

    The next best thing to mommy & daddy is MiMi! You will be surrounded by blessings, love & all the most wondrous things.

    Hugs & kisses to all!

  4. Have a great day today, Eileen! Simon and Kim are both so lucky to have you. And this website is great - just what I needed to brighten up my day.


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