Sunday, April 5, 2009

Simon Says "Meet My Computer-Savvy Great Grandpa Kerrigan"

My Great-Grandpa Kerrigan had a BIG day yesterday ... he turned 85 years young! Know what he did for his birthday ? He signed up with a profile on Facebook! Now that's a forward-thinking young man! I hope that eighty-five years from now I will still be willing to learn whatever is the latest thing so that it will keep me young too ... just like Great-Grandpa Kerrigan! Great-Grandma and Grandpa Kerrigan live in Florida ... we're planning a trip down in November (when I'll be almost ten months old) so I can meet them and lots of other relatives from my MiMi's family ... like maybe 40 more! It's going to be so much fun ... by then, they'll have 13 great-grandsons and 2 great-granddaughters! The Land of Mickey ... here we come!


  1. And, you will be one of the blessings that keeps Great Grandpa Forever Young!

  2. I have to plan a visit to Baltimore! Too much adorable baby to just look at on line. Love the duck with the hat. Was this for real or planted? great for the "Animal Planet". Tell MiMi her Dad looks mahvelous! I'm so glad the Kerrigans are doing well. Give them my best. And tell Charley (Chad) I said hello and would love to have another visit with him sometime (preferably not at a funeral). love & kisses, Nance

  3. Nance ... no this was not a "plant". I guess a neighbor found the hat (probably dropped along the way on one of our many walks) and placed it on ducky so that I would see it. It made me laugh out loud so I had to capture it!

    Yes, please come visit us!


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