Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simon Says "MiMi and I Are a Good Team"

Well today was the BIG day. Mommy dropped me at MiMi's house to spend the day while she went to her office. I wore my new hat and it made MiMi laugh so we got off to a good start. She called me Sweet Pea all day.
I had my challenges when MiMi offered me the milk Mommy brought for me ... the packaging leaves something to be desired, but I'm getting better at it. I liked my naptimes and since the sun was shining I got to take a nice long ride in the stroller too. I was glad that the flowers got MiMi's attention and she finally was pointing her camera at something else other than me!
We had a real nice surprise ... PopPop came by to visit! I was happy we got to visit ... he and my Oma are leaving for a fun trip and I won't see them for a little while! I wonder if they'll notice that I'm growing oh so fast, so I could be a BIG boy when they see me next. Have a safe trip and lots of fun Oma and PopPop. I will miss you! Mommy told us that she and Daddy had lunch together and she said they took a nice stroll in the sun too. I went home with Mommy and Daddy was meeting us there. So we all had a good day and we're lucky to have each other!


  1. Little Man, that hat is to die for! Did you know that Michael calls me Sweet Pea? So, now there are two of us in the family.

    What a good trick, that PopPop showing up, huh? I know that was good for both you and MiMi...

    Happy trails to Oma and P.P. as they take off. We'll be here to keep you company!

  2. Oh you do look extra cute in that Sweet Pea hat! Leave it to MiMi to make you even cuter. We'll miss you, but we'll be checking Simon Says everday as usual. Have fun and don't grow too much while we're gone.


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