Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Simon Says "Did You Know? It's Earth Day!"

Happy Earth Day ... Can I ask? What are you doing to help save the land, the air, and all of the birds and animals for me to grow up and learn about? MiMi says she's recycling her hugs and kisses but it'll take more than that!!!
Well, not only is this Earth Day but it is also the day I turn three months old! Do you know how old the earth is? I hope we can all help to make it live forever!


  1. Little Man,
    Thank you for renewing our perspective and the on-going importance for us to learn to walk more gently on Mother...

    Love To You at Three Months and Beyond...

  2. i use cloth diapers and eco-friendly disposables on you!!

  3. Something about a black and white photo of an adorable baby . . .
    What great shots!
    Simon, I am so enjoying your blog!
    Aunt Susie

  4. Well, Simon, I'm trying in my small way to help planet Earth be healthy. I recycle as many items as I can and collect water in a rain barrel and in a bucket in the shower. I am lucky enough to live in a place where I am able to walk to many shops. It sounds like you and MiMi have been doing a lot of walking too! I like reading about your adventures.


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