Thursday, July 23, 2009

Simon Says "This Rain Can't Dampen My Spirits Today!"

Today there are too many happy things going on to let a little rain (okay, it's pouring I know) make me blue. First of all, a shout out of Happy Birthday to my Great-Grandma Kerrigan today!!! This is her 85th and MiMi says by the time you're turning 85, you don't mind so much telling your age to folks! We hope she has a fun-filled day with lots of smiles and laughs! My Aunties Lauren and Rama arrived last night too! They came by to visit last evening and we'll have a couple of days to play! Speaking of play ... you should see the very cool playroom my Daddy built just for me at my house! I am ready for some playdates ... would you like to come?


  1. Yes! I would like to come. Have a fab time with all the fun-ness in your life!!!

  2. well it is raining in the big apple too, but hope it clears up for aunt kerrian's party on saturday!

  3. Ohh Simon! You make me smile every single day. Tell your Mimi I will get her those photos this weekend.


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