Friday, July 31, 2009

Simon Says "Is That a Beach Bag I see MiMi?"

MiMi tells me she's a beach bum at heart. It just can't be summer if she doesn't get a day or two to sit in her chair with her toes in the sand and to walk along the water's edge searching for treasures. I haven't done anything like that yet, so I will just have to take her word for it and hope that one day soon I'll tag along to enjoy the day too. I hear that building sand castles and searching out crabs and watching the sea birds can entertain you for hours! Oh yea, and there is one more thing MiMi says she does while beaching it ... and that is one thing I can do ... devour a good book!


  1. LOL! Here's to eating up books, life, and love in big mouth fulls without closing our lips while we do!

  2. I devour books, too !
    now only if I could do it with my toes in the sand !!!

    and just wait until you can run and play in that water...oh live will be fabulous then !


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