Thursday, July 9, 2009

Simon Says "Here's a Shout-Out to Some of my Northwest Relatives"

Here are some fun people that I haven't even had the chance to meet yet ... but I will this November when the Kerrigan family all meet in Orlando. Remember my Aunt Kerrian was visiting in Seattle, Washington? On her last day there she went to Bonney Lake to see some relatives. Here they are ... my Aunt Kerrian is sitting in the middle and you probably recognize her ... but MiMi tells me that the others are MiMi's brother, Kevin and his wife Leslie (my Great-Uncle and Aunt), then on the far right is their son, Sean, Kerrian's cousin, and his wife Rachel, and the two little guys that I'll be able to play with are their sons, Caleb and Eli - let's see what does that make us? Second cousins? Wait until you see pictures when we get the whole BIG group together ... 56 of us!!! I'll be one of 15 great-grandchildren! I think we'll need name-tags!

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  1. I'll say! That's a lot of good folks all slammed into one place for one grand time!


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