Friday, January 23, 2009

Simon Says "Meet My PopPop and Oma"

Simon would like you all to meet his PopPop and his Oma (aka Paul and Betty Racicot). He knows he's a lucky little guy to have so many people fall in love with him so easily ... he could tell in an instant that this was love-at-first-sight for them all. PopPop will spend lots of quality time with Simon as he's growing ... after all he's had lots of experience in that arena since he took such good care of Simon's Dad, Elijah and his Aunt Julia when they joined the family. PopPop is a kind and gentle man who has a wonderful sense of humor and is a perfect example of a loving husband and father - quite a role model! Oma has been working hard on patiently waiting for this big day to finally come ... in fact, perhaps Simon just couldn't stand to make her wait five more weeks so he showed up early. I think they'll be like that forever ... helping out by doing favors for each other! Oma is one of those "grand" grandmothers who can show him how to make all kinds of things by hand ... she's quite a talented lady! And she's already made him a thing or two to keep him warm or decorate his new room at home. They're going to be good buddies, he can tell! Soon Simon may introduce you to more of his family, but right now he's exhausted from the big day yesterday and he's still learning people's names and faces. Stay tuned ... there's a big family tree with lots of branches filled!

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  1. Isn't it a miracle how someone can become immediately loved, even though we don't know them...what is the magic there? And, how can we be as open to possibility with all souls we encounter?


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