Saturday, January 31, 2009

Simon Says "My Agenda - Meet and Greet all Week"

I had a full schedule this week so that I could meet more of my relatives. I met my Aunt Julia (that's my Daddy's older sister) on Wednesday night when she came over with Oma and Pop- Pop. I can't share the picture with you just yet because it hasn't made it to MiMi from my Dad's camera but stay tuned. Then on Friday my two Aunties Lauren and Rama came all the way from Atlanta to meet me. They peeked in on me last night but I was on my way to bed and not very sociable. I got my beauty sleep though and today I made the first trip over to MiMi's house for a family gathering. Even my Uncle Charley was there, so it was the first time all of my Mross side got together with me. I also got to meet my first dog! Molly was checking me out and wondering what all the fuss from everyone was, but I think we'll be good buddies.


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying what Simon has to say. Thanks! It is so great to see all of the Mross side - you all look so good! I also loved your note about your angel, there are so many times that I can literally feel our Grandpa Pat (Jon's Dad) keeping a watchful eye over the kids!
    Have fun! That peanut will be running around before you know it (Charlie is turning 3!!! tomorrow)
    Love, Elizabeth


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