Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Simon Says "I'm Not Lost But I Do Spend Everyday Now Out Exploring"

I know it has been weeks since I've filed a blog for you all. I apologize but let me tell you I've been busy, busy, busy ... and MiMi would like you to know that this means that she has been busier, busier, and busier. Getting my mobility has opened up a whole world here at MiMi's. I think this is some kind of a face mask perhaps to keep me from breathing in any burning smells that MiMi makes in this particular room on occasion. Here I've found I'm also in hardhat territory ... better safe than sorry.
I found some papers I just might need ... could it be a treasure map? Hmmm, this drawer doesn't have what I call good noise-makers at all. Well then, I'm off. So many cabinets and so many drawers and there are rooms I haven't even gotten to yet! And when I finally have pushed myself to the limit, this is where you'll find me and MiMi. Even all the great explorers need their sleep ... and so do their support teams!


  1. Oh, at last! I've missed you in blog space! I'm glad you give Mimi a break once in a while. Have fun exploring everywhere. Love & kisses.

  2. Aww. You are having such a good time with grandmotherhood. I can remember moments like that. How fleeting. My new favorite quote (attributed to a Seniors group): "We may be lost but we're making good time". Has nothing to do wtih anything and then again with everything.

  3. Oh, I loved this..especially seeing MiMi wave to me at the very end. I miss MiMi!


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