Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Simon Says "My Tummy Hurts"

Here I am at three weeks old. Things were going so well that Mommy was hoping she wouldn't hear the funny word, GERD. But it seems like that might be what is now making me fussy and then I've been returning my meals after eating. We went to see Dr. Duffy again today and she thinks I am joining that gerd club ... not a pleasant induction. I have to go to GBMC tomorrow to have some "barry-um test" done and Mommy got some medicine to try out too ... hopefully this will make me feel better soon and that will make Mommy and Daddy feel better too. In spite of all these tummy aches, I still grew bigger ... 8 lbs. 11 oz.!!!

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  1. Let's just hope that your tummy issues weren't caused by being stressed over a missing MiMi. I'm sure that things will settle now that everyone is where they are where you expect them to be! And, as much as this goes counter to my daily life, Simon, congrats on the weight gain!!


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