Saturday, March 21, 2009

Simon Says "Do You See My Daddy?"

I will be 2 months old tomorrow ... MiMi just took this picture of me so we could ask you guys ... do you think I'm starting to look like my Dad? When we compared me to my Mommy's newborn baby pictures, I looked just like her, but now we think things are changing. Sorry, I know I always seem to be sleeping when MiMi takes my picture but from the eyes up MiMi and Mommy think this is all Dad. Stay tuned, I'm a work-in- progress! Well it's another weekend - hurray! Daddy will be home and we usually do everything together. We'll probably do some errands, take some walks, visit Oma & PopPop and we have a nice invitation on Sunday to Mommy's friend, Emily's house and I'll meet a new friend too, her little boy, Oliver. He's about 8 months older so he can show me the ropes. Happy Spring! I dont' get it, it still feels like winter to me!

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  1. Like our Livvy, you will be a morphing, shape shifting wonder. You'll borrow from those most familiar to you...first you'll try Mommy. Then you'll see how you look as Daddy. Then you'll start to develop your unique Simon look. The look that's all your own. Mom & Dad will see traces of their handy work whenever they look at you, but you will be the unique ray of sunshine for them. I suspect, you might even throw them a curve ball and let your Grandpa Charlie, who you haven't met, peek out from your eyes and face from time to time.

    Simon, Oliver, Olivia...these old fashioned, great names are becoming the vogue once again. How marvelous!


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