Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simon Says "What Was Your Favorite Toy?"

I bet most of you recognize my little friend over there. Mommy and Daddy just loved them when they were little too. It turns out that these little people are getting harder to find ... so if any of you know where we can find some ... all three of us would give them a loving home! I think this is a great beginning to recycling when a little boy like me in 2009 can play with toys that MiMi or Oma were smart enough to hang onto all those years. I promise I will remember to turn over to other kids toys that I outgrow too. MiMi just found out that the little people celebrated turning fifty years old on 3-21-2009! Happy Birthday Little People! Mommy just sent this picture of some of our favorites. They look good for their age, don't they? Tell me about your favorite toy!


  1. My favorite was the Big Wheel. I saw that they just brought the original back!

  2. I still have my favorite toy which means it's 54 years old. It's Leo, my stuffed lion who has (what remains of it, anyway,) rabbit fur as a main. And, red eyes...He's my version of the Velveteen Rabbit. Love you!


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