Monday, March 9, 2009

Simon Says "I've Just Been Hanging Out"

Life hasn't been bad lately ... just not full of news. I have been struggling with a cold. I gave it to my Dad trying to get rid of it, but it didn't leave me completely yet. The weekend was great ... my Oma and PopPop were both feeling better again and invited us over for a reunion! It had been three weeks since we'd seen each other. They looked the same to me, but it seems that I looked like a whole new person to them! It was great to spend time with them at their house just playing and then they had us over to dinner on Sunday too. I hope I didn't offend the cook, but I fell asleep on the dinner table! Monday was sunny and still warm so I went to see MiMi and take a walk in her neighborhood. MiMi wanted a smiley face but I can't help it, that stroller just puts me to sleep! I'll be seven weeks old in a couple of days ... but of course five of those I should have been hiding in my Mommy's tummy still. Well, I just couldn't wait to come and meet my family. We're all doing well and I'm learning every day about life as a baby and Mommy and Daddy have been on a learning curve too! I give us all A+!

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  1. Strolls with the MiMi...and dinner with the Oma...does it get any better than that, Little Man?


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