Friday, August 21, 2009

Simon Says "We Had A Pool Party for Two!"

I don't know about the weather where you live, but yesterday it was hot, hot, hot and muggy. MiMi said that the only place to be was inside with the air conditioner on high or sitting in the pool. Boy, everyone else must have picked air conditioning because we had the whole pool to ourselves! When we got out to have a fruit snack, we had to look back and see if there was any water left in the pool or was it all sucked up in my diaper! Well, if you've been waiting all week to hear my surprise ... now I can tell you. Tomorrow my parents are going to their ten-year high school reunion and MiMi is going to have a slumber party for me! This is the first time I'll sleep overnight and Mommy and Daddy will remember what it's like to wake up on their own! MiMi says when we do this in a couple of years there will be popcorn and ice-cream and movies and lots of games. For now she has plans for playtime, a bath, a story, a bottle and then a prayer that I sleep through the night!


  1. Oh Little Man~

    How fun is this? A new step toward a deeper experience for you an the MiMi! Enjoy your sleep over...I know you will.

  2. that full diaper just cracked me up....I remember those days well as we lived at the pool when our kids were little....lived I'm telling you !

    every day I was there with them...taught them both to swim and of course they were instant water babies and are great swimmers today....

    when cate was little we were pushing her under the water back and forth between the two of us and john missed her and she went face first into the side of the pool and ended up having root canals in her two front baby teeth (she was 3 I think)....that's always fun....but it never stopped her love of the water !

    and today...her adult teeth are beautiful !

  3. Beth ... thanks for sharing your memories ... and we all need to remember that "things" happen and it doesn't diminish the fullness of a loving experience! I have a feeling she probably loves having that to tease him about!

  4. judylynnbrewster said, "Hey Simon, you are missing out. If I were your MiMi, you would have ice cream and I wouldn't be telling your Mommy. I think we need to do what we need to do. I started Jon Daniel on coffee and he is extremely sophisticated when he lifts his little cup and says, "yum". He is also into Red bull, not that I am opposed to apple juice, but it is so not as interesting. Besides it gives me such a lift when I am feeling down. Tell MiMi "Hi". x------X


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