Thursday, August 6, 2009

Simon Says "Maybe I'm Going to be an Airplane Pilot"

One thing is for sure ... when I go up high I just get the biggest smile ... I can't help it. MiMi says she wonders if her friend Claudius did this when he was a baby because now he is always happy to be up in his plane. Mommy told MiMi this morning that the second tooth came through last night! Soon you'll be hearing me say "I'll have steak tonight please!"


  1. I know you are all excited by your new teeth, but I have to say, that seeing your gums when you're laughing so hard makes me smile!

  2. an airplane pilot with teeth...well, between me and you....I don't think I'd fly on a plane if I knew the pilot didn't have any teeth, so this is all good simon !


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