Monday, August 10, 2009

Simon Says "A Picnic For Mommy, Me and Our Cousins"

Mommy & Me, my 2nd cousin, Imaris, Mommy's cousin, Ali, & my 2nd cousin, Lila
On Friday MiMi had a playdate set up with Mommy's cousin, Alexis and her three children, my second cousins Imaris, Ethan and Lila. Lila is 10 days younger than I am and Ethan is almost four. We had a great picnic at the playground across the street from MiMi's house. We had the nicest kind of weather for a picnic and Ethan seemed to have so much fun running around enjoying the great playground. In a year or two, Lila and I will be right beside him! At MiMi's house Ethan spent time reading books to Lila and me ... he did a great job and we really liked it too! Mommy was able to spend her lunch time with us because her office is so very close. Thanks MiMi!

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