Friday, August 14, 2009

Simon Says "I Had a Dream ... and MiMi Says Dream On!"

"Hey, Oliver, Harrison, Lila I've borrowed my MiMi's car and thank goodness I found you listed in her contacts on the phone ... want to go have some fun?" Now that's what MiMi calls a nightmare NOT a dream! So it is the weekend again, but there won't be any nonsense like that going on for me. We'll take walks, maybe go to the pool, do our usual weekend stuff, but we'll have two whole days together - me and my Mommy and Daddy! Now that's the stuff dreams are made of!


  1. I've done lots of things with an iPhone, but never snacked on are they Little Man? Tasty? Oh, and is that a PURPLE jacket I see on MiMi's phone? Loverly!

  2. Hey, Simon. You are missing out. If I were your Mimi, you would have ice cream and I wouldn't be telling your Mommy. I think we need to do what we need to do. I started Jon Daniel on coffee and he is extremely sophisticated when he lifts his little cup up and says "yum." He is also into Red Bull, not that I am opposed to apple juice but it is so not as interesting. Besides it gives me such a lift when I am feeling a little down. Tell Mimi "hi"


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