Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Simon Says "Look What Came and Went While MiMi Was Away!"

Two things happened while MiMi was away for her time at the beach. The biggest news was that I got my first tooth on the first of August! Yep, and the second one is just about here too! I had to do show and tell this morning so MiMi could oohh and aaww over it! I had a great time with my PopPop and Oma and MiMi is so glad they helped out spending the time with me too. The second thing that happened was that the baby house wrens that were growing up in the birdhouse outside MiMi's front door seemed to have made the big move out of their home while MiMi was gone! Yep, they flew the coop! We hope they have a good life and find lots of worms and new homes along the way!

1 comment:

  1. The miracle of everything growing and going their way. That's what I'll take from your post today, Little Man.

    Welcome home, MiMi.


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