Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Simon Says "Look Who's Got Some New Threads!"

I arrived at MiMi's Monday morning looking smart! MiMi picked out this new plaid shirt and Auntie Kerrian got me some big boy shorts on one of their trips to Target ... they can't seem to by-pass the children's department anymore. This is a whole new look for me. What do you think? I could pass for 9 or 10 months old right? Next week we're taking a big trip ... it'll be my first airplane ride! We're off to Atlanta and we get to stay with my Aunties Lauren and Rama. I'm so excited about all of the new things ... a plane ride, visiting a new state, staying in a cool loft, and meeting Kobie, Oliver and Max. I don't think a little boy has ever stayed with Lauren and Rama before so it'll be an exciting first for them too!

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  1. Oh, when I looked at this picture this morning I couldn't believe how different you look! Little Man, indeed!

    While you are traveling next week to Atlanta, Livy travels this week to California. Seems the two of you continue to have similar experiences. How grand for both!


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