Monday, August 31, 2009

Simon Says "Monday Morning with Monkeys on My Feet!"

Monday mornings are hard ... especially when you're getting back from a three-day weekend and especially when you flew in an airplane to another state and especially when you had so many new faces and surroundings and a change in routine! It was fun, but we are all still tired out! MiMi got home even later than we did but we just started our week off knowing we'll catch up with a few naps here and there. She brought me a new outfit and it was so cool here in Baltimore this morning that I'm wearing it right away. You may have felt like you had a monkey on your back a time or two, but I've got some monkeys on my feet that I can't seem to shake. Maybe when I wake up they'll be gone. Have a great day!


  1. LOL Monkeys on your feet....LOL giggle giggle....

  2. back...feet....who doesn't love a monkey !!

  3. Simon, you are totally kissable.


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