Thursday, August 20, 2009

Simon Says "If It 's Thursday, We're at the Farmers Market"

Do you have the same wonderful local produce markets to enjoy during the summer? MiMi loves the bright juicy tomatoes and other vegetables, the sweet fruit, the beautiful flowers and plants. I like the sights and sounds and strolling around with MiMi. We usually meet up with a friend or two and sometimes I get to visit with Oma too. When the season is over MiMi and I will miss these trips into Towson, but for now we have a few more weeks to enjoy all of the treats. I hope you'll go find your local markets and if you're like MiMi, you may even throw in an ice-cream treat! I can't wait until Mommy says I can join in on that!


  1. Ice cream, huh? I'm all for ice cream...but I don't get to eat it much anymore. So, when you're ready for it, you eat it for me, okay?

  2. Why are you so angry at the tomatoes?


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