Monday, October 26, 2009

Simon Says "OK, that's better!"

Well, hallelujah, MiMi is back in business and able to share photos with you again. Over there on the right is the picture she gave you the link to see. Daddy is considering a new camera and has this one to try out for a few days. So far, I'd say I'm looking pretty good! Actually he and Mommy caught me with some laugh out loud funny expressions and MiMi will probably share a few more of those later. Well, this week leads up to the fun of Halloween and my Auntie Kerrian got me this cool shirt you see below to get us all in the spirit. My Great-Grandma and Grandpa Kerrigan sent me a holiday shirt too and MiMi says you'll see that one tomorrow. Then stay tuned ... by Friday you'll see me in my costume all ready for Halloween! Don't be scared, I won't bite ... okay, that's your hint! My MiMi won't have me on Friday or Monday. I get to spend those two days in a very special way ... with my Dad! MiMi's sister, my Great-Aunt Patty, fell down about 8 wks ago and broke her foot/ankle in three places. She is still in a big cast & since Great-Uncle Wayne is away on a business trip, MiMi is going to help her out and give her some company. Even they have some BIG plans for Halloween. Great-Aunt Patty's neighborhood in New Orleans goes all out and she's heard it's like a big street party ... so with Patty in the electric scooter, they'll go off and have some fun!


  1. Simon, when are you coming back down to Atlanta???

  2. It is painful how cute you are, Simon!!

  3. Simon's halloween shirt is very cute :-)


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