Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Simon Says "A Daily Blog Is A Big Job!"

I don't want to suggest that MiMi can't keep up with this blog on her own, but sometimes she just needs a little break so I fill in. [Okay so MiMi just translated this for you, because as I typed it, it looked like this.] ,mpompml;m;..jyl;',h.h.,k,ol.i./g,m,/m ps ... n?omllhy,g[opl


  1. Oh, you are just too cute! What a good job! Maybe Santa will bring you your own laptop.

  2. I understood you! What was wrong with what you typed? It even looks like you have my name in I get you!

  3. one more thing, elyse just looked at your temp typist picture, and she said "She's pretty"...


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