Thursday, October 22, 2009

Simon Says "Nine Months On The Outside - My Stats!"

Sorry I'm late ... I'm just getting here to MiMi's.
Today is my nine month mark and I had my routine check-up with Dr. Duffy. Here are the important stats ... I am now 27 1/2 inches tall and 20.4 lbs. - that's 50% weight and 25% height. And Dr. Duffy could see my two top teeth ready to pop! I got my flu shot, and one other for good measure, and Dr. Duffy gave the word that Mommy can start feeding me more varieties of food ... yum! As you can see from my picture, we're being treated to another warm day ... high might be above 75 and the sun is trying hard to push through some clouds. It'll be a nice long walk again today, right MiMi?!


  1. Such a happy, healthy and handsome young man!

  2. gosh eileen....he is getting so big !
    and with that you can see so much more personality shining through !

    and guys have been blessed with great weather !...enjoy it as much as you possibly can !!


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