Friday, October 16, 2009

Simon Says "Is This The Cure For a Runny Nose?"

This is the cold that won't go away from my family circle. It's made the rounds and is passing by my way yet again! And poor Oma has really had it bad. MiMi, Mommy and I are back to the sniffles and sneezes! Geesh, enough is enough! I hope your weekend is sunny and bright ... ours here in Baltimore, not so much. The weather has turned upside down too. The weather man said cold, misty and windy ... might even see a little snow shower tomorrow! Are we ready? Well, I do have my winter jacket and we'll find a way to enjoy it all!

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  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling your best Little Man, but look at it this never get the same cold twice and once you've had a cold you can never get that one again, ever! So keep plowing ahead.

    You and I are having the very same weather. So we're all in this together. Bundle up and give lots of hugs to all.


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