Friday, October 9, 2009

Simon Says "A Boat Belongs In The Water!"

MiMi and I joined Daddy for the BIG day, Launch Day!
Look at this boat - a lifeboat for the USS Constellation - Bruce and Daddy built two of these cutters
Bruce MacKenzie, the Master boat builder and my Daddy his apprentice
Don't they look just perfect - right where they were meant to be - on the water!
By the end of launch day they're tied up safely at a dock! My Daddy and Mr. Bruce are my heroes and I'm planning on building too when I am a BIG boy!


  1. from 80 photos, it's next to impossible to narrow them down for a blog post, but mimi did a good job, didn't she simon ?

    and of course you are front and center right where you belong !!!

    congrats to all !!!

  2. It's so nice to see my gal pals here leaving comments for you, Little Man! I knew it was just a question of time before they fell madly in love with you, too!

    Congrats to the gents for building such braw boats. And, thanks for the pictures....I so love seeing the Domino Sugar Sign....Love you & Baltimore too! Kiss MiMi for me...

  3. I'm so proud of your dad and mine Simon - They're such a good team! Big hugs to you and Mimi for giving me a view of the day, I wished so much that I was there with you all.
    Love, Jamie


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