Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Simon Says "Getting in the Spirit"

I wonder would you like to come along?
We're headed out for our daily walk in MiMi's neighborhood ... pretty, huh?!
The fans put out a display for their team; but what does that tattered flag say? Looks sad, doesn't it?
Now here's a welcoming fall garden with a friendly greeter for those passing by.
Doesn't he look like he might have swallowed a whole pumpkin or two?
These pyracantha berries are full and bursting with fall color and line the road across from MiMi's house. Hope you can get out and find some autumn beauty too!


  1. I have been missing MiMi the past few days and thinking of her a great deal. I'm glad I had the chance to take this walk with both of you. I feel better now!

  2. Thanks for the fun walk and beautiful scenes!


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