Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Simon Says "It's What MiMi Calls Hump Day ... Or It's All Down Hill From Here!"

Wednesday again! The good news is at the end of the ride (and MiMi and I love the ride!) I fall back into the hands of Mommy and Daddy on Friday!


  1. I want you to keep this picture very close all your life Little Man. There will be times when you feel afraid and as if you're going it all alone without a net...

    And, I want you to have that picture to remind you that loving hearts and helpful hands are always around, even when you can't always feel it.

    Promise me that you'll keep this picture where you can find it to be reminded of this important life fact. Okay?

  2. Simon will have this one framed and close by and will remember that Auntie Holly saw how important it would be for me ... thanks Auntie Holly.


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