Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Simon Says "Learning The Ins and Outs"

So MiMi tells me ... all I have to do is dress up in that great costume Mommy and Daddy got me ... carry a bag ... look as cute as possible ... ring a door bell ... say "Trick or Treat!" And then, wow, people will drop candy in my bag and we can go on to the next house and the next house until my bag is full! Yahoo! Well, except that I'm not really sure what candy is, but MiMi sure looks excited about it! Hmmm, now here's the thing ... why is MiMi asking me to be sure to remember to bring the bag with me to her house on Monday?
[Photos were taken by Simon's parents]


  1. eileen....these photos of simon are just the cutest....his expresssions are just the best and I love how that hair is growing out....

    if you ever want to make these photos larger on here, let me know...I'll try to walk you through the quick might be easier over the phone while I'm looking at my html the same time you are....

  2. I could look at that sweet face all day long.

  3. great pics!!! have a happy halloween!


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