Thursday, September 3, 2009

Simon Says "September Is A Beautiful Month!"

Look at the beautiful day ... this was September 1st and each day this week has been just as beautiful. If they're right, the guy who tells us the weather on TV says we'll have this all the way through next weekend. It's thrilled MiMi ... our walks are longer ... and we can just sit outside and enjoy the sights and sounds. Hey, Aunt Lauren, look ... behind me across the water is where you go to work sometimes. I can't wait til you come back again. Maybe you can come to enjoy September with us ... can you bring Rama? The other BIG news is that my Uncle Charley is moving to a little red house that is very close to all of us. It'll be hard to give up Boring, MD, but we'll try to keep him bored here in Towson! It's going to be great to see him around town!


  1. Oh, Little Man, can I tell you how that smile of yours in today's picture made me say, "ohhh," and melted my hard old heart just a bit...

  2. Tidewater looks even nicer with you in front of it!

  3. as usual...behind in the news, but LOVE Charley is moving closer! Anyone moving with him? How close?


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