Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Simon Says "Loving My Oma"

My Oma and I just can't keep our hands off each other ... it's a way to explore and get to know one another ... and she's really more gentle than I am because sometimes I just don't know my own strong grasp or that hair can come out in clumps! But it's all about loving every little moment together! When she has us all over for dinner she lets me sit right up on top of her dining room table, right next to her. One day when I am big and grown-up we'll laugh about that and try to imagine it so it's a good thing my MiMi took a picture to help us look back and see how we only had eyes for each other at that moment. You can see it too, can't you ... I love my Oma.


  1. That picture made me stop and sit for quite a few moments as I realized how loved so many of us are. And, wonder how it is, that as we grow older we don't always feel that same love. But, for now, and hopefully always Little Man, you'll be able to sense exactly how completely loved you have been every moment of your life.

  2. How sweet!!?? He's so cute! The grandma deserves a love from her grandchild. Even my mom really loves my 2 year old daughter. Every time we visit her she will always welcome us and do everything to make us comfortable. Thanks for sharing it.


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