Monday, September 14, 2009

Simon Says "Another Way To Look At The World"

I am just beginning to get steady on these legs of mine and the world looks a bit different rom way up here! [Please note that my temp typist (MiMi) let me get a little too close to her computer the other day and in my excitement, I grabbed the keyboard and came away with the letter "F" and knocked the letter "G" off kilter too ... so by way o explanation, you may see words where MiMi has missed going back and banging hard enough to get the "F" or the "G" to appear - whoops, sorry MiMi]. I know I told you about the washout on Friday, well it continued all day Saturday too ... soggy! But our Sunday was beautiful & sunny and Daddy, Mommy and I had a great weekend. MiMi and I don't have big plans but we'll get around town on some errands and I'll report on anything interesting that we see.


  1. So you're a computer guy, huh? Oh Little Man, this is how I stay in close touch with my pal, your MiMi, please don't take away our way of sending love along the lines! Have a great week. See, my g still works!

  2. only the F and the G ??....just wait until you start talking and then you're going to want all the letters :)

  3. Simon, We were missing our "T" for months due to overuse by underage typists. At least G and F aren't as popular. "E" would be a letter to work for though. That way, Mimi would be forced to get a new keyboard, and you could inherit her old one.


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