Thursday, September 24, 2009

Simon Says "Here Comes The Bride!"

This is Mommy's best friend, Beth, and in two days she is getting married to Daddy's best friend, Pat! Today is the start of some fun-filled days for everyone. MiMi has me for two overnights and Oma and PopPop have some special one-on-two time with me on Friday and Saturday too! Wonder if my one true love is already out there in the world for me to meet? It is fun to try to imagine it when you're a baby like me. Maybe Beth and Pat could have a little girl and we could fall in love!!! The stuff of fairy tales, but who knows?! So here's best wishes to the new Mr. & Mrs. and may you be as happy as Mommy and Daddy!


  1. Simon, you look very coy in this photo. Were you flirting with the bride??

  2. I am so digging how you're smiling these days!


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