Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simon Says "Really, Is This The Look for Me?"

We have been having some pretty typical fall-like weather, but while we were out shopping over the weekend, Mommy was looking for just the right winter hat for me. So what do you think? Is this it? My MiMi has come down with a cold. She prides herself in how healthy she usually stays, but now she needs some TLC ... I will be dodging the germs and she'll be washing her hands every five minutes ... she says the only thing worse than having an annoying cold, is for me to have one too!


  1. The hat? Hmmm....

    MiMi feel better soon! Rescue Remedy!

  2. Cute! He's adorable. The hat? Well, hmmm..the color is too dark. Maybe a green or blue color will be more good looking for him.

  3. I looooove the look !
    and hope the nasty "colds" fly the coop soon !


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