Monday, September 7, 2009

Simon Says "If It's Labor Day I Guess You'll Need Tools!"

This is one of those fun long weekends when we get an extra day to play together. Yesterday was my Daddy's birthday and this is a picture of what I got for him. I'm just checking it out to make sure it all works. Don't you think we'll have some fun times together in the workshop?! PopPop and Oma had a cookout for Daddy's birthday and Aunt Julia, MiMi, Aunt Kerrian, Susan, Johnny & Gloria all came to help him celebrate. Do you know what he wanted for his birthday? Gifts for me!!! Super Dad! Enjoy your last official day of summer 2009! Maybe we'll get one more trip to the pool in for the year ... hope you'll have fun in the sun too!


  1. what a generous little boy you are! :) we're going to have so much fun!

  2. Your Dad is entirely too tall to be a Hobbit, yet I'll have to rethink that as he was dear enough to give presents to you on his birthday. Now, all Dads should be that kind! There's something about a guy wearing a hard hat~ YUM!


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