Monday, November 16, 2009

Simon Says "Wow, Do I Come From A Fun Family!"

You know we just got back last night from our Kerrigan Family Reunion in Kissimmee, FL. My MiMi's family is BIG, and getting bigger! They started the photos with me in small groups so it wasn't too overwhelming right away. Here I am on the right with Asher and Megan Kerrigan. Asher is about three weeks younger than I am and lives in Collierville, Tennessee with his parents, Elyssa and Kyle Kerrigan. Megan was born in early April and lives in Spokane, Washington with her parents Lela and Ian Kerrigan. Asher and I were cracking up at all the parents trying to get us to pose and smile ... Megan on the otherhand doesn't seem at all amused. Here I am with all the great grandchildren. Let me introduce us: Back Row: L to R - Me, Caleb, Eli, James, Michael, William holding Addie, Quinn, Dane, Cooper, Brody; Front Row: Asher, Megan, Ella (and we're missing Ella's brother, Caden who is two years old but he was napping). Boy, I'm not used to all these people who are my size and it is amazing! It was a huge challenge to find a time that we were all awake and this was as close as it was going to get!
We all had so much fun and there are hundreds of pictures to be shared, but MiMi will wait until she gets one of the portraits with all 58 of us together and then you can play "Where's Simon?"


  1. How wonderful that you have so many second cousins! Now that's a predominately male society. I wonder if that will change?

  2. This looks like more fun than being in a raisin brand box! FUN! Thanks and I'm so glad to hear you're all home and had such a fab time!

  3. do you have any idea how much I want to get my hands on every single one of these little loves ???

    oh my gosh...I want to be part of your family !


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