Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Simon Says "Oui, Oui, Mercy Bo-cue"

At last, we are all together again! My Oma and PopPop got home from their very exciting trip to Paris ... you can tell what they brought me, right? I think I can carry this look off! I look like the world traveler too! My MiMi is home from her trip to New Orleans too. So life is back to normal and I am here with MiMi today and we're catching up on new teeth and stuff. Daddy and I had two great days together and got around to do errands and visit friends downtown. We do the hanging out thing together like good buddies do! Hope your Halloween was safe and fun ... got any good stories?


  1. My face was painted green and I made a little boy freeze on the side walk. He couldn't move as he was so entranced with my face! It was pretty fun! Then I blinked my eyes and unfroze him so he could go on to the next house to collect his good loot.

    Glad the family of world trotters is back with you safe and happy!

  2. I think it should read "merci beau cutie patootie"


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