Monday, November 30, 2009

Simon Says "I Know Where Christmas Trees Come From ... My Daddy!"

Our weekend was sunny at least, but old man winter is just around the corner and you could feel the wind blowing him our way. Every year since my Daddy was a teenager he has worked with a friend on his Christmas tree lot selling trees. It's a tradition that he really likes and so once again this year, as soon as Thanksgiving is over he works on weekends ... big guy stuff, like lifting, hauling, sawing, digging holes, and finding the patience to show "just one more" tree to people who just have to have the perfect tree for their home. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be working along side of him and I could help you find your perfect tree! So Mommy and I will spend our Saturdays and Sundays together and hang out with Aunt Kerrian or MiMi or Oma & PopPop. And one of these days we'll go to the lot and Daddy will help us pick just the right tree to be my first Christmas tree ever! MiMi tells me she once had a tree that was picked out with care, was decorated with care and she loved to sit and turn all the house lights off so she could see only her special tree ... the perfect tree. Then guess what happened? The cat thought it might be fun to climb the tree and it crashed to the ground. Poor MiMi. Well, the cat is no longer around ... hmmm, I guess I'd better be careful around her tree!

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  1. She Who Has No Animals will not do the same thing to you as she may or may not have done to that cat. There are no witnesses and she's not talking so we will never know....


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