Thursday, November 5, 2009

Simon Says "Will Yoga Help Me Crawl?"

You see I've got the plank position mastered. I can do the downward facing dog. Heck, I even throw in a little Pilates moves. But the idea I have in my mind when I work to getting up on all fours is to move along - forward - usually in pursuit of a toy just out of my reach. Somehow, I haven't found forward gear and I end up in a yoga session. Some help here, please. Maybe when I get with all of the cousins next week in Florida they'll show me the moves.


  1. Do like your momma did and scoot on your butt!

  2. yoga is the best, isnt it??

  3. Yoga is great but I'm loving Simon's socks :-)

  4. time to get that kid a yoga mat !
    namaste !!

    sooooo cute eileen....and just think how much moving you'll be doing once he finds that forward gear....


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