Sunday, December 26, 2010

Simon Says "I Gave MiMi A Real BIG Birthday Surprise!"

MiMi had a birthday and Mommy helped me
give her a great BIG surprise!
We only told her to be ready to go away somewhere
with us for a whole day ...
and then she read my birthday card in the car
and she saw that we were taking her to see
Sesame Street Live!!!!
We had the best day ever ... a really yummy
brunch, a really fun show, I got to see all my
Sesame Street friends, I got an Elmo balloon, 
I got a new Sesame Street ball, and
oh yeah, MiMi got to watch me having all this fun!!!


  1. Happy birthday, MiMi!

    Simon's expressions are always such a joy to see.

  2. I was stopping by because I wanted to wish you a happy new year and thank you for being a follower of my blog. It means a lot to me. Thank you. May your new year be filled with laughter, more joy than sorrow, peace, and wisdom. Blessings to you. Happy new year!


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