Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Simon Says "I Came Down With a Disease Called Kawasaki And It's Nothing Like A Cool Motorcycle!"

 The doctor said Mommy and Daddy needed
to take me to the emergency room on Sunday
January 2, 2011 and there the doctors
decided I had Kawasaki Disease.
I think a picture says it all ... you can see
that I felt downright terrible!
 Woe was me ...
 I don't know why my hand is taped to
this board and I wanna go home!!!
So did Daddy and Mommy but I got admitted.
This was me by Monday night after I
got some good medicine and lots of TLC ...
on the road to recovery and I am
looking forward to being back home or at
MiMi's and with my little brother Sam.

Sam sent me a little picture greeting to make me smile ...
And I did!  Bet you did too!

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  1. You are in our prayers, little man.


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