Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Simon Says "We All Went To The Zoo!"

The Mross and Racicot Families all went off to visit the animals at the zoo on Mother's Day!
This is my Oma holding me, my Aunt Julia and my Dada. Sorry PopPop, we should have gotten you in the picture instead of behind the camera!
Dada and I liked all of the same things! This is the monkies climbing & swinging.
This is my Auntie Kerrian and my MiMi and my Mama holding me. Sorry Uncle Charley and Aunties Lauren & Rama that you weren't able to join us all.
There were lots of penguins, but they were waiting at a door for their next meal. It's a little more fun to see them jumping and swimming in the water. We're very lucky to have our zoo. Do you have one where you live? If not, come on over and maybe we could go together!

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  1. The zoo is a perfect place for family outings-- There's something for everyone. It looks like fun!


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