Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Simon Says "Have You Missed Me? I Had To Give MiMi A Moment Free To Get This Out!"

It has been oh, so long since MiMi has had the freedom during a day or the energy left at the end of a day, to sit down and share with you. I promise we'll try to do this a bit more often. As you can see, my walking skills have improved quite a bit ... I can be quite speedy and go all about ... with MiMi in tow usually saying "Simon, no not there, come this way" and "look out for cars"! I have my favorite routine walking around MiMi's street ... there's the walk up to check out the traffic on Bellona, there's the rock wall, the neighbor's brick sidewalk, sticks to pick up, ants to watch, neighbors to say "Hi" to, birds and squirrels to babble at ... And guess what? There's a pig in someone's driveway!


  1. Oh, I missed you lots and lots! What a delight to watch you meandering down the road. Hugs and kisses to all.


    More videos, please!


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