Friday, February 5, 2010

Simon Says "Who Dat You Rooting For?"

Me? There is no question ... On Sunday I'm going to be at my Uncle Charley's to watch the game and we are BIG Saints fans! MiMi and my Grandpa Charlie moved to Naw'leans in 1974 with Aunties Kerrian & Lauren when they were little girls, and then in 1978 my Uncle Charley was born! My Great-Aunt Patty lives there now so MiMi still gets to go back to visit the city she loves. One day I think I'll go there too and eat me some crawfish gumbo, some cochon du lait, a snowball and best of all ... a King Cake! "Hey, throw me something, Mister!" See, I'm ready! Mardi Gras here I come!

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