Saturday, February 20, 2010

Simon Says "MiMi & I Took A Road Trip"

Did we go by train? No, but that would have been fun!
Did we ride on the back of Clifford the Big Red Dog? No, but that would have really been something!
Did we take a tug boat? No, but oh boy, one day I want to!
MiMi drove us in her car to Annapolis and we helped Kathie S. celebrate her birthday! We had a yummy lunch and then went for a walk around the mall. Doesn't it look like we're out in snow? We've had a lot of that lately, but this is water falling from the big fountain! I like field trips with MiMi ... there's usually an ice-cream treat in her plans and there was this day too! Yum!

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  1. haven't been here for awhile and wow...simon you are growing up !
    and all those !


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