Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Simon Says "My Best Buddy Is Here!"

Well, Momma and Dada have been telling me
about this exciting big day that was coming.
My new baby brother was going to come to live
with us! Here he is ... Sam Henry!!!

Say "hi" to Sam Henry Racicot.  Aren't I going
to have fun with him? Yes!!!

MiMi and Auntie Kerrian took me to the hospital
and we got to visit with Momma, Dada and Sam.
When it was time to say goodbye, I gave kisses
to everyone, but especially little Sam!

I can't wait to see him grow and soon he
will be able to run around and play all day with me!
I'm a lucky little boy and I'll be a good big brother!


  1. HOORAY! Congratulations to you all! Send our best to Kim and all her Racicot boys! Lots of Love from Jennie and all her Conroy boys!

  2. Oh Simon! I am so happy for you and all the family!! Oma was kind enough to keep me posted and even came in to work today. You and Sam are so lucky to have such a wonderful family!

  3. Oh, how sweet is this? Isn't it amazing how they just know? I'm so happy for all of you. Congratulations and lots of love.


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