Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Simon Says "Don't Make Me Growl ... it's pretty scary!"

I know usually I am all grins and smiles but there are times when I just feel like growling! Don't be too scared ... it's all in good fun! Come on, maybe today you'll just feel like a good growl too!


  1. Oh, you are the cutest little Wild Thing!

  2. Simon is hilarious! I had to watch it several times and he made me laugh out loud each time! So cute!

  3. this was too funny....
    gosh I remember my own kids growling and thinking it was so cute...

    now my 18 year old does it... in a different way....and now that's what's really scary....

  4. I love how he's so emphatic about it and even has to catch his breathe between growls!

  5. That is seriously TOO funny!!


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